Cult Cinema: Zombeavers

Michelle reviews the most important film of the last century, Zombeavers.

"Please don't shave me!!!"
While a horror movie about zombified beavers might sound damn silly, Zombeavers really gives the idea some teeth and substance to chew on. This film has successfully lodged the concept into moviegoers’ brains—Hollywood needs to log down some notes about how to branch out and appeal to horror fans. Perhaps audience members just aren’t ready to see a giant hairy beaver on the big screen, and to them I say “Death to mainstream horror films and long live the beaver!”

Seriously though, Zombeavers is a better film than it should be even if it does succumb to the many tropes that plague most movies in the admittedly oversaturated zombie genre. It’s got them all: toxic waste dumped into a backwoods stream, promiscuous young adults hanging out in an isolated cabin, chicks walking around topless for no reason, gratuitous shower scenes, and idiots with poor decision making skills. However, this film knows exactly what demographic it is catering to and does not aspire to be anything more than it is. While this sounds like a bad thing, in reality, it’s what makes the film so amusing to watch. Zombeavers is trashy and doesn’t care who knows it.

"Welcome to Beaver Land."
So, we got a film about zombie beavers that attack people—it is what it is. Surprisingly, the special effects are great and they used puppet/animatronic beavers for most of the scenes. It’s effin’ hilarious to see these undead beavers running around all crazy and gnawing on people. The film is quite gory as well and there are some truly gross kills that occur. So, on the horror front it’s pretty successful, but unfortunately the acting and writing leave something to be desired. It’s not the worst I have ever seen, and truth be told, there are some funny one-liners here and there. Most of the jokes are sophomoric in nature, but I wasn’t expecting biting (heh) social comment anyway.

Zombeavers reminds me of a Troma film albeit with a much higher production value. If that sort of thing is your bag, then it’s definitely worth checking out. As an aside, there is also a hysterical song that plays over the ending credits. Imagine if you will, that Frank Sinatra sang a song about zombie beavers and you will have an idea of the type of music it is. As of right now, Zombeavers is available on Netflix Streaming, so there really isn’t a reason to not watch it. Unless you don’t love beaver, that is.

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-Michelle Kisner