News: Fury Road Sequel Script Already Completed

George Miller ready to roll on with Fury Road sequel.

Fury Road may not have set domestic cinemas ablaze this past weekend, but the foreign box office take will more than make up for that. With that said, George Miller already has the script fully ready for the next installment of the Mad Max franchise. After what's been called a female-centric plot and a lot of silly controversy over nothing, he says that the next film will most likely be called The Wasteland and will be more centered on main character, Max Rockatansky. 

With glowing reviews almost all the way across the board, Fury Road is one of the hardest hitting action movies in decades with brutal destruction and a plot stripped right from the '80s. One thing is for certain, Miller has not lost his touch. 

The Wasteland has not received an official go-ahead by Warner Bros. yet, but is expected to get the green light in the coming weeks as Fury Road continues down in dusty path to hopeful global box office domination.

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