News: Tron 3 Sacked By Disney

Get ready to weep, fellow Tron fans. The sequel is dead.

After an underperforming Tomorrowland and the less than stellar box office receipts of Tron Legacy, Disney is officially pulling the plug on the next Tron. This is a sad day that we all hoped wouldn't come and was something we expected soon after the disappointing numbers of Legacy

The brass over at the Mouse House has decided that Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde will ultimately not be returning to computerized world of Tron any time soon. It was strange that the low box office take of Legacy wasn't enough to spell the end of the franchise, but they decided to move ahead anyways.With Tomorrowland turning out abysmal numbers and people continuing to turn away from the cinematic experience, the next Tron movie has officially been laid to rest. Now, I cry.

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