Petition To Save Tron 3

Still wanna see a Tron 3, check this out.

Much like the petition to get a Dredd sequel made, fans have struck up a petition to get Tron 3 made. With the recent news that the film had been cancelled by Disney, fans are up in arms and still want to see a continuation of the story. Due to the lackluster box office of Tomorrowland, Disney decided that another film would not be fiscally responsible at this time. Well, in the land of the internet, anything is possible. Similar to the world of Tron, users have decided to battle the evil forces that control their fate with a petition to get this thing made. 

So, if you're like us and still want to see another franchise entry, click here to sign the petition and let's see if we can make this thing happen. After all, there's absolutely nothing wrong with Olivia Wilde, right?

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