Reviews: The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)

final sequence
Tom Six returns with his "final" Human Centipede movie.

final sequence
"When you connect them,
they eat your movie.
Fecal matter."
What started out as the tail end of the torture porn craze ends with a dim witted, satirical jaunt that shares almost nothing in common with the first two films. While Six is still obsessed with trying to shock audiences, he turns out one of the worst exploitation movies in the history of cinema. Final Sequence is a wasted opportunity in which Six continually pats himself on the back for a job well done while bemused audiences and former fans question this ineffectual piece of non-horror. If anything, this is self satire by a director that makes up for his shortcomings by torturing his once loyal viewership. 

The original Human Centipede was a body horror film that pushed the envelope with its disgusting tale of a mad doctor experimenting on his victims. This third entry is a prime example of a director that has no idea how to execute any semblance of a cohesive story as he wastes the primary focus of the film. Instead of concentrating on insane body modification and gore, Six wastes ninety minutes on two unlikable actors that belong nowhere near a film set. Final Sequence is nearly unwatchable as Six couldn't decide if he was making a '70s prison film or another Human Centipede movie. 

With The Final Sequence, Six is obsessed with bizarre rape scenarios including penile insertion into a gaping wound, forced oral copulation, and other sickening fetishistic scenes that feel awkward and out of place. Yet, the worst part is the main star. Returning from the original movie is the talentless hack known as Dieter Laser. Laser annoyingly screams and overacts his way through the movie, In fact, his performance here is so unbelievably bad, I considered just turning it off. Laser takes his terrible performance from First Sequence, amplifies it by a thousand, embarrasses himself, and becomes the worst working actor in the long winded library of god awful horror films. Let's not even mention Tom Six's self serving extended cameo in which he makes a total fool of himself. 

dieter laser
"What? You don't like my acting?"
The 500 person human centipede is only shown for a few short minutes and it's nowhere near as frightening or disgusting as anything in the first two movies. The thrill is gone. The idea of a human centipede is tame. Final Sequence is a detestable, rape saga that has no redeeming qualities other than a hyper bored Eric Roberts waiting around for a miniscule paycheck for a lame ass Tom Six movie that should have never seen the light of day. Remember all those issues with getting this thing released? Well, there's a reason why. It sucks.

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