Cinematic Releases: Entourage

Vinnie and the boys are back for another round.

"ZZ Top? Yes, they were
talking about us, sharp dressed men."
The male version of Sex and the City finally makes the massive jump to the big screen with a silly but fully enjoyable, foul mouthed entry worthy of its formative cable legacy. Billy Walsh would be proud of this trash talking, masculine, masturbative, piece of comedy gold in which not one character is safe from an Ari Gold verbal smackdown. Just like the series, Jeremy Piven rules this roost with a sharp tongue and a lovably offensive nature that only he could pull off with such perfect wit. 

Instead of trying to go bigger or better, Entourage (the movie) plays like an extended episode that feels exactly like the television show. Unlike many other tv to movie adaptations, the formula still works and the chemistry is still tangible between Ari and the four members of the rags to riches troupe. The main characters readily maintain their brotherly materialistic lifestyle  and sexually charged code of ethics while a ruthless studio head Ari Gold does everything in his power to persuade and offend everyone around him. Much like the first Sex and the City movie, the formula still works despite some hollow plot leanings and character arcs that feel like a minor retread. 

The whole gang is back with a monstrous slew of Hollywood cameos and a massive list of returning support players. Unlike many shows that have tried to make that leap to a full length movie, Entourage keeps its head above water by perfectly playing the hand it's dealt to both returning fans and people that have never seen the show. Seeing this with a few people that had never watched a single episode, I wasn't sure how this would go. Fortunately, they picked right up on the story and followed almost every single bit of this enjoyable return to form for the Entourage boys. The plot is simple, the performances feel revitalized, and the critical negativity from the last couple seasons is swept away by dudes that obviously still love working together. 

"This is the Ari Gold movie.
Got a problem with it?
Talk to my agent. Wait.
That's me."
For fans of the HBO series, there is a lot to fall in love with here. Between the finale and the film many things have changed for the characters, but just as much has still stayed the same. E is still a dedicated friend. Turtle is still the side player with a heart of gold. Drama is still rooted in absolute buffoonery. And Vincent Chase is still a multi-millionaire pretty boy that gets all the chicks while keeping his best friends in tow. And Ari......well, he's still Ari.

If you were saddened by the loss of the show, the movie version will remind you of why you loved it in the first place. These dudes have an onscreen chemistry that many can only dream of. Entourage is a tale of excess grounded in the loyalty between these characters. If you can set aside some minor stumbling blocks in the story, you'll have a blast watching these guys again. And the eye candy is nothing to sneer at either. 

Wanna be your superhero..........

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