Cinematic Releases: Jurassic World

Star-Lord and his band of galactic raptors star in Jurassic World. What?

bryce dallas howard
"Oh, am I all sweaty again?!
Don't mind me."
Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard fight for their lives in the latest in the Jurassic Park franchise. 

After 22 years, no one could have imagined a film worthy of its predecessors or one that would actually measure up against the original. Jurassic World goes back to adventurous summer basics with a visually spectacular continuation that does exactly what a good sequel should. It touches on core story points and obvious themes from the original and updates them without ever becoming repetitious or annoying. With a modernized tale about man's incessant need to push the boundaries of science and blood curdling moments of tension, Jurassic World will strike a chord with old and new fans alike. This is how it's done, folks. 

What could have been the cheesiest story element of the summer turns out to be a total blast that makes Jurassic World the second best in this entire series. You mean a snarky Chris Pratt fights side by side with vicious, blood thirsty velociraptors? Yes, he does. And it's one of the silliest and best things you'll see this summer season. Between Pratt's talent for sarcasm, cutting edge graphics work, and some mindful writing, the one thing that could have ruined Jurassic World turns out to be the smartest, funnest thing about the entire feature. The velociraptors are just as intelligent and cunning as ever before. To see them back, now working alongside a human adds a new twisted ingredient to an old recipe that will not disappoint. 

chris pratt
"Wait. What?
This isn't a dog? Huh?"
Going into Jurassic World with an open mind is definitely important. Audiences should be aware that Mr. Spielberg's magical touch is nowhere to be found. While there's still a defined sense of wonder and amazement, this is strictly about humans running away from a newer, deadlier foe than we've ever seen in one of these movies. Where Spielberg's original film gave us a huge vision that relied on careful execution of character and science gone awry, Jurassic World is more about throwing as much three dimensional spectacle at the screen as it can. Fortunately for audiences, director Colin Trevorrow balances the massiveness of what he's trying to accomplish with just enough story to keep it interesting. 

Fans will note the glaring comparisons between Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. The stories are similar (of course). The scientific morality tale is exactly the same. And the omnipresent message of man's blundering DNA testing tomfoolery is all back again. With a story that sometimes feels like a straight up tribute to the original, there could be plenty to complain about here. But I'm not. If you can check your brain at the door, Jurassic World will give you exactly what you're looking for: blood spatter, dinosaurs chasing dumbfounded humans, trained raptors, Chris Pratt being a smart ass, a sweaty Bryce Dallas Howard, more blood spatter, two kids running away from more dinosaurs, and enough nods to the original to make it interesting......and even more blood spatter. 

What more do you want out of life? Trained raptors in your bedroom?

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bryce dallas howard
"Get away from her, you bitch!!!"