Heroes Reborn: What We Know So Far

Heroes is coming back this year under the Reborn moniker. Here's a quick rundown of what we know so far. 

"I'm back, bitches.
That's all that matters."

We all know Heroes became a televised abortion after the writer's strike left the show without a clue and without any real direction. After a fourth painful season, the plug was pulled and fans that had hung on to the once great show were left in limbo with no real closure and a mythos that was never given the respect it deserved. 

After five years, the show is getting a second shot with Heroes Reborn which is serving as a type of continuation of the story without all the original villains and heroes returning. Obviously, the absence of key players like Ali Larter will be strange. But without Sylar, this revisit might feel frighteningly vacant and not properly connected to the original story. Or that assumption could be totally off and Heroes Reborn will breathe new life into a franchise that burned out long before its time.

So, here's what we know so far. Many other key characters are definitely returning. But most are not. From the get go, we knew that Jack Coleman was coming back as the reluctant Noah Bennet. Masi Oka is making an encore appearance as Hiro Nakamura and Jimmy Jean-Louis is back as The Haitian. Last week it was announced that Greg Grunberg would be back as Matt Parkman and that a much older Noah Gray-Cabey will return as key character, Micah Sanders. Sendhil Ramamurthy has also been added to the returning roster as Mohinder Suresh. Numerous new characters have been cast with little detail of what their background or powers will be. 

Other than that, no details of story have been released and it appears that the network is keeping most vital elements very close to their chest. From early images and a brief teaser, it appears that Heroes Reborn will move the story forward with a whole new batch of heroes, villains, and super powers that will modernize the show and make it more relatable to a new, younger audience. Whether this thing is a hit remains to be seen, but from my perspective I'm hoping for the best. With a slew of revamped shows coming back for encore runs and a fresh writing staff ready to roll,  Heroes Reborn might  redeem this franchise. 

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