Reviews: Closer to God

David Cronenberg meets Mary Shelly in Closer To God, coming to VOD and limited theaters on July 3rd. 

"Awwwww....that little bastard
is soooo dang cute."
Billy Senese’s Closer to God is only 72 minutes short, but touches the deepest parts of your spine, sending disturbing chills straight to your inner core. The horror that comes from possible scientific breakthroughs will have your mind racing with thoughts you previously only read about in books. As a woman, the thought of creating life has always frightened me, not because it is scary in itself, but because of the unknown aspects. This fear rings true for many women. Closer to God feeds on this loud symbol of life that evokes a consistent terror in all human beings. 

Not being a parent, I cannot fathom the responsibility and sheer devotion required. The same can be said for those who sacrifice their lives in the name of science. This is where Closer to God was headed. In the film, we meet a doctor named Victor Reed; not just any doctor, but a genetic scientist who accomplishes cloning the world’s first human being. Taking place in present times, the movie portrays Victor Reed's moral dilemma as he is plagued with constant bombardment from religious extremists, media, and colleagues who claim him to be the new Frankenstein and flood him with negativity. 

"This robe makes me look
so professional."
As a viewer, you won't be sure whether to agree or disagree, and will find yourself sweating to find answers to your many questions, some of which won’t be answered, but that’s the point. Closer to God leaves many areas to your imagination, forcing you to fill in the gaps of a story that could use a bit of editing. Although I was expecting more, the film does triumph overall, and ends in the only way it could.

Making Closer to God even more powerful and straining to watch is the score. The music is ominous and quiet, perfectly paired with the mostly grey tones, and creating a suspense that keeps you in sync with Victor Reed’s perspective. Closer to God allows viewers to peek into their own moral standards regarding an obstacle we could very well possibly face in the future. This is a film that encompasses what could be the most frightening and beautiful aspect of humanity: evolution.

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