Reviews: Private Number

Private Number hits DVD shelves on Tuesday, June 2nd. Here's our early review.

Just when you think you have it figured out, Private Number spins it on you. Director/writer LazRael Lison, not a known name yet, but could very well be on to something here with 2014’s Private Number. Every year dozens of crap movies make it to the big screen and seventy percent are of the horror/thriller genre. The ones worthy of terror never seem to get their proper dues and original stories are brushed aside for the remake/reboot trend. Every so often a fresh idea sees the green light. And that’s when you get decent films like Private Number. 

"Who can it be knocking at my door?
Go away. Don't come 'round here no more."
This has a “fresh out of school” filmmaker vibe to it with excellent music attached. In my personal opinion, I can say this isn’t the best movie ever, but it's certainly ranking in my “anti-Hollywood” list of flicks to see. What starts out as a battle between man and vice, slowly burns into a ghost story barely touched on in cinema. Even with big names like Tom Sizemore and Judd Nelson playing very small parts, Private Number stands strong on its own two feet. 

I think the film industry should embrace more talent like LazRael Lison. Basic yet wittily clever, Private Number is new and lord knows people want more movies like that. So definitely give it a shot. For more of an impact, I think this would have been better suited as a short film with a different title. But being the founder of your own production company, you can do whatever you want. At least Summer House Pictures isn’t throwing up trash piles labeled “movie”. Short and sweet but to the point (just like this review) is Private Number. I hope Mr. LazRael Lison gets his big break because I actually enjoyed Private Number and wish there was more like it.

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