Soundtracks On Vinyl: Starry Eyes

Check out our review of Waxwork Record's Starry Eyes soundtrack.

Last year, Starry Eyes helped reinvigorate a tired horror genre. Last month, Waxwork Records released the limited edition soundtrack on vinyl. Music lovers can rejoice at one of the greatest sounding soundtrack releases of 2015, so far. 

Metallic gold vinyl and
metallic silver with blood spatter
Specialty house, Waxworks Records has been releasing awesome scores and soundtracks in phenomenal vinyl sets. Within the past couple weeks, fans of Starry Eyes and vinyl collectors alike got two excellent variations on the limited edition release. The first is a metallic gold vinyl version. The second is a phenomenal looking "Silver Scream" metallic silver with blood spatter. Both editions are 180 gram and can be ordered directly from Waxwork's website for just under thirty bucks.

Like many other current soundtracks, Starry Eyes is super heavy in the synth department as seen in the video below. Tracks like "Chrysalis/Kissing Tracy" are total, sharp, stabbing throwbacks to '70s horror and fit perfectly with the dark tones of the film itself. Much like the movie, the soundtrack is moody and malevolent, bursting with moments of dynamic horror and transformative tension. While some could say this music is heavily influenced by the works of  masters, John Carpenter and Philip Glass, most will feel many other defined rhythmic and synthesizer influences throughout the course of the album. Mixing a cool, ethereal atmosphere with danceable beats makes Starry Eyes a must have. 

As mentioned before, this album definitely sets a mood straight out of an earlier horror era. With perfect separation and a mix that features a great amount of rounded out bottom end, vinyl enthusiasts will be hard pressed to find one simple complaint with the packaging, the pressing, the audio quality, or the fact that Waxworks continues to put out great products like this. Being a collector of movie soundtracks, this currently sits in the upper echelon of my collection. 

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