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"We're going to blow up Disney."
The success of the Despicable Me franchise owes a lot to the Minions. While their hilarious antics are loved by children, their sarcastic and sinister side make them equally appealing to adults. And what's not to love about little banana colored overall wearing henchmen who love blowing things up with rocket launchers? Minions explores the origins of these adorable evil loving creatures and their quest to fulfill their fiendish purpose. 

Without a master to help fulfill their evil serving existence, Minions Kevin, Stewart, and Bob, set off on a global quest to find a villain to follow. Set in 1968, Minions play on many themes of the fashionable and psychedelic '60s. It's a nice balance for children and adults, and many of the jokes and mock up gadgets pay tribute to the era. When Kevin and the gang find themselves at Evil-Con, they meet Scarlett Overkill, the first female super villain (voiced by Sandra Bullock). Hoping they have finally found a new boss, the minions pledge their allegiance to Scarlett O and all of her sinister plans. 

Once again co-director and animator Pierre Coffin provides the voices for all the minions. Yet despite all the fun Coffin creates with his unique minion language, it is Jon Hamm who provokes more laughs than a fart gun in church. Hamm's character Herb Overkill, husband to Scarlett, humorously exaggerates the chilled vibe of the '60s, providing some of the films most memorable moments. The soundtrack sets the vibe even further as Minions rock to the sounds of The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and The Doors. Occasional homages are even paid to the musicians in the film. 

"The Pride march is that way."
Minions is an all around fun film, and it even borrows a power up from the app Minion Rush, which will no doubt delight players of the popular game. The only hiccup is without Gru and the girls from the Despicable Me films, it slightly lacks the heart that made the first two films so popular. Yet rest assured, their are still plenty of feel good moments to be enjoyed. Overall Minions makes for a great family film with plenty of laughs, and is a worthy addition to the Despicable Me franchise. And don’t forget to hang around after the credits for some addition minion fun. Especially you 3D viewers. 

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- Lee L. Lind