News: Aronofsky And Schwarzenegger Pairing For 478

Well, this sounds interesting. 

With Arnold Schwarzenegger doing another summer action film with Terminator : Genisys while trying his hand at independent dramatic acting with the zombie film Maggie, the veteran action star and former governor of California has still managed to continue acting and turning in surprising performances for a man we thought had done it all already. Currently the aptly named ‘governator’ is in talks to star in what could be his headiest movie yet: a revenge drama called 478 about a man who loses his wife and daughter in a plane crash and seeks vengeance upon the air traffic controller who oversaw their fateful flight. 

What sets this one apart from the pack for vengeance pictures and Schwarzenegger are the creative forces behind it: Enemy screenwriter Javier Gullon and Requiem for a Dream director Darren Aronofsky. While Aronofsky isn’t slated for directing as of yet, he and his production company Protozoa Pictures are most certainly overseeing the project. After decades of reminding viewers and devoted fans he’d be back, Mr. Schwarzenegger isn’t so much coming back as he’s reinventing himself. Always a charismatic movie star and a household name in the action genre, it would seem Schwarzenegger isn't satisfied with simply kicking ass and taking names all over again. 

Although the vengeance genre has been played to death, including having been investigated by Enemy’s own director Denis Villeneuve with Prisoners, it’s always a welcome playground for cool ultraviolent avenging and emotional breakthroughs, particularly with Park Chan-Wook’s Vengeance Trilogy and the recently released Blue Ruin. Aronofsky’s also proved he can tackle the action genre with both The Wrestler and Noah and can play with big budget special effects on Schwarzenegger mentor James Cameron’s level. Whether or not these three creative powers form a union with 478 remains to be seen, but it certainly could be very interesting if the trio follows through with the plan.

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-Andrew Kotwicki