News: Sense8 Not Yet Renewed?

Despite a rabid ever growing fan base, Sense8 is still lingering for a renewal.

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After mostly raving reviews and a fan base that's continuing to grow, it appears that Sense8 season two has still not received a green light from Netflix. Meanwhile, the production staff and the Wachowskis sit idly by waiting for word of the next season. While the show started out slowly and was initially panned by viewers and critics, the show grew on audiences over the season and has achieved an overall positive consensus.

This is quite different than most other Netflix series as the brand is usually quick to renew their successful binge worthy original programming. In the case of Sense8, creator Straczynski stated,  "We're a long game people. We need to know where we're going",  After our glowing review of the entire season one, we at The Movie Sleuth hope that Netflix continues on with this story and gives this thing a green light before actors start moving on to new projects. 

Season one was an origin story and there are many different ways they can go with this show at this point. Let's hope the Wachowskis are given a shot to continue redeeming themselves.