Reviews: Falling Skies - Season Five Episode Three - Hatchlings

The adventures of Tom Mason continue this week with the third episode of the final season.

"Be careful. I'm about to do
my Batman voice."
After a less than stellar episode two, the writing staff of Falling Skies once again tries to right the ship that's been sinking for several seasons. In typical fashion, this final year seems to be going the exact same way as its televised predecessors. Right after a nearly perfect season opener, episode two fell instantaneously back into the trappings of poor writing and way too many plot holes. This week, Hatchlings finally seemed to be progressing the story towards the conclusion that's only seven episodes away but still ended up opening up more doors that should have stayed closed forever. I'm still questioning how and why I kept up with this show.

Despite better writing this week and some actual character development, Falling Skies continues to amplify melodrama between the main players and still allows too many lingering story points that should be wrapped up by now. When the show should be heading towards a massive battle between human and alien, the writers decide to add another new idea to the show. Yes, the resistance needs to get to Washington D.C.. Walking Dead anyone? With an added major idea stolen from the original V series, it's astounding what these guys get away with. I'm not sure how this show has survived for so long on borrowed time while plagiarizing every genre entry under the sun, but this is getting straight up annoying. 

Other than a tear jerking moment from Pope and a Tom Mason that's beginning to question his authoritative discipline, Hatchlings is symptomatic of a science fiction series that never got out of its own way. Every time the show seems to advance forward and seems to be moving towards a focused plot, everything changes, making it hard to ever latch onto the characters or the series as a whole. In usual fashion, side stories are introduced then killed off with little explanation and disregard for the audience that continues to tune in. 

So, if you're wondering if this week's episode was any better, I'll say this. The effects this season look better than anything they've done so far and the state of Pope's character are the two best things about the show right now. I'll continue tuning in each week, hoping and praying that they close this series out with something smarter and more original than anything they've done before. However, Falling Skies has never been about either of those. And that is exactly why it got cancelled. You have to give viewers something to care about if you want them to keep watching. I'll be glad when this is over. 

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