Reviews: Falling Skies - Season Five Episode Four - Pope Breaks Bad

The misadventures of the Mason clan continue towards the final episode.

Finally, after five years, Falling Skies has done something new and refreshing with its characters. For the first time since the second season, the show feels mildly fresh as its moving to the final battle between man and alien. While many episodes have concentrated more on the human on human elements of a ravaged planet, tonight's show started a rapid succession of events that will hopefully boil over into one last climactic moment between family protector Tom Mason and the grudge holding John Pope. 

Where the last two weeks have slipped back into usual territory for the show, Pope Breaks Bad did something we haven't seen from this show in an extremely long time. The characters finally got something to sink their teeth into as we almost lost a main character and a grieving Pope finally called Mason out for all his distinct flaws. Mixed with the war ravaged setting, a still reeling Anne, and a totally insane Anthony, Falling Skies is gaining the momentum it needs to end this with a bang. 

Another huge bonus this episode is the obvious upgrades they've made the visual effects department. Between better looking animation, some creative camera work, and more attention to the overall CGI elements of the show, the staff of Falling Skies appear to care again. While this might be considered a case of too little too late, the noticeable upgrades are a far cry from what viewers were given in season four. If this is the way they're headed for the last six weeks, we might get something worthwhile from this show. 

With Pope and Mason at odds again and the distinct feeling that something huge might happen, I'm suddenly very interested in seeing how this five year journey wraps up. After last year, I wasn't sure if I'd stick around for the final brawl. Considering the 50/50 ratio of good to bad this year, there is definitely enough to hold out and see how the battle ends and what main characters will be sacrificed for the "greater good". This was one of the better episodes of the series as a whole. I'm now hopeful that the writers will do something decent with the finale. 

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