Reviews: Freedom

Cuba Gooding Jr. stars in Freedom.

Freedom is based on a true story of thousands of slaves’ treacherous journey from the south to Canada for freedom. Not based on any one personal event, but a reenactment to the best of our knowledge from history. Intertwining two worlds, one at the beginning of slavery, and another during the countless escapes at the time of slavery, Freedom pays homage to the sacrifices made for equality. Many infamous names are characters such as, Thomas Garrett, Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, and John Newton, who wrote the lyrics to Amazing Grace and this, is the bridge connecting these stories together.

Freedom stars Cuba Gooding, Jr. and William Sadler and while both actors have exceeded major roles, they both highlight a pretty decent B movie. Freedom is by no means dull looking, quite the contrary, this movie looks beautiful and is finely tuned with veteran editor, Ray Hubely at the helm. This wouldn’t be a film about slavery without singing and by Jove, there is a lot of singing, but not in the manor of which we are accustomed to seeing in this genre. At an annoying rate, characters break out in sing-song, pulling you right out of the serious story and half the time you’re not sure whether it’s in their head or if everyone can see and hear the song. This is, by far, the biggest complaint about Freedom. Coming off mawkish, actors ADR renditions of singing is lacking clean production.

As a history lover, Freedom does justice at depicting abolitionism during the Civil War and it is important not forget that at one time freedom was never given to anyone; people fought till their dying breath, made unbelievable sacrifices, and endured an insufferable torment in order to live. Something a lot of people today take for granted. Freedom is kind of cheesy, but all in all a good movie.

Freedom is now available for rent on Amazon Instant Streaming and other online services.