Reviews: Falling Skies - Season Five Episode Nine - Reunion

Can Falling Skies redeem any of its failed attempts in these last two episodes?

"Everyone duck!!! Here comes another
plot hole attack!"
Nope. Probably not. After an undecided two seasons of terrible writing and horrendous character assassination, Falling Skies is finally wrapping up in the same fashion that has defined the show's entire run. As soon as we think we're getting closure, we're introduced to more unwound plot threads and a misled creative team that had really no idea how they were going to write themselves out of this dismal season four and five. With numerous episodes wasted on non-points and open ended trivialities, we're going to bid farewell to the super human, immortal Mason clan and the villainous alien baddies by lamely applauding TNT's dedication to ending this thing on a low note. Don't let the door hit you in the ass. 

This second to last episode apparently concluded some minor parts of the story as it made one last giant failed leap towards the series finale. While the show has always been high on melodrama and gravel voiced speeches from Tom Mason, this week's episode added a final cherry atop the Falling Skies sundae of poorly choreographed action scenes. The one part of Reunion that could have brought about some epic closure for a long running feud ended in a tragic looking ninety second gunfight that lacked any tension or much needed grit. But what did I expect? This season has been an eye rolling sack of misery from beginning to end. By now, most shows would have been killing off main characters left and right. In the world of Falling Skies only bad guys and expendable characters die. It's annoying and shows little strength or bravery on the part of the writers. 

With only one episode left it looks like viewers will be getting a truncated finale that does little to resolve the battle with the Espheni. It's hard to imagine that in one episode the show will be able to end with any real closure. Based on the preview for next week, it looks like the final battle of Falling Skies may be staying where we've been stuck for the last several episodes, keeping the budget at a minimum and the claustrophobia at an all time high. While the 2nd Mass should have been making headway to the front lines, they've been stationary for far too long. I typically don't assume, but at this point it looks like all the other militias may be heading to the final bloodbath with the Epsheni invaders while the ever annoying Tom Mason and his troupe of undying sons battle it out with some more alien nasties. 

Last week I was called out for continuing to write these reviews despite the vitriol I spew at this show. Sadly, I got stuck in the same rut as so many other viewers that continually tune in to this mess. I'm not sure why, but I stuck with it. The first two seasons gave me hope and it seemed that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel with the announcement of the final episodes. Once again, I was wrong in my assumptions that there might be a defining and possibly non-cliched finale for Falling Skies. Not a chance in hell. Only one more week to go. Let it die. 


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