TV: Minority Report - Pilot

Here's a really short review of the Minority Report pilot. 

"The precogs say we'll be cancelled
by week four."
In a world where quality shows like Hannibal and Constantine get pulled from the airwaves despite the outcry of their dedicated fans, it's strange FOX would be throwing money at a heartless, futuristic pre-crime of the week procedural drama. The pilot of Minority Report sets its sights extremely low with another Meagan Good vehicle that will be off the air quicker than her last televised outing. 

It may share the Minority Report moniker but the show lacks the ingenuity, the fast paced action sequences, and the budget to even qualify it in the same category as the Tom Cruise movie. This is another brainless cash in on a property that's been sitting idle for over ten years. So, why now a tv show that turns one of the "precogs" into the main character of a dumbed down series that has no chance of survival especially under the control of a studio that pulls the plug so easily? I really can't answer that, but it would be interesting to know. 

Centered on the always nice looking Meagan Good paired with Wilmer Valderrama doing his best Colin Farrell impersonation, the pilot is a flat footed, go nowhere device that sets up nothing other than terrible looking effects, a standardized cop show feel, and one of the worst first episodes ever produced. Bearing the Minority Report name hinders any chance that this show has as it has nothing in common with its much more remarkable predecessor. Too much explanation, poor writing, and a stilted Good makes this feel nearly satirical with its obvious but cheap looking technological connections to the movie. The editing lacks fluidity, the music is soulless, and and the dynamic between characters is flawed beyond repair. 

The ideas of the movie were smart at the time of its release. The story of a precognitive anti-crime force was something that piqued people's interest while we were experiencing huge advancements in computer technology. Now, thirteen years later, Minority Report is being whored out by a studio that could care less about offering up smart science fiction. Just from the pilot, it's easy to see that this will be a another continued exercise in lowest common denominator sci-fi. It looks horrendous, the acting is sub-par, and the visuals are absolutely horrendous. It would be a good idea for FOX to pull the plug on this right now before it goes any further. 

In an era where shows like Mr. Robot inhabit the realm of television, the world does not need another crime of the week show. Philip K. Dick is turning in his grave right now. Rant over.


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