Cinematic Releases: We Are Your Friends

Can Zac Efron become a serious dramatic actor? Find out now. We are your friends. 

"Zac, stop worrying about how
bad the movie is
and just keep staring at my boobs."
Trying to play to the same core group as Spring Breakers, We Are Your Friends is an extended misfire of the highest order. Focused on the electronic dance movement and four Californian friends, the film never gets off the ground and sits mostly stagnant while pretty boy Zac Efron's non-emotive face never changes once. In a movie that's supposed to be about the heartbeat of EDM, We Are Your Friends is a sad display that spends way too much time focused on its underdeveloped core of friends while the musical aspect of the movie goes to utter waste. True fans of this form of music will be bored out of their minds as director Max Joseph spends valuable screen time centered on a cliched love triangle and Emily Ratajkowski's striking looks than he does delivering a cohesive presentation of the musician's struggle. 

While the actual story is dull and disingenuous, We Are Your Friends looks spectacular, has a limited but pulse pounding electronic soundtrack and features a stunning palette of colors. Fans of Spring Breakers will definitely take note of various thematic elements that echo Harmony Korine's modern masterpiece. Also, the repeated use of the recorded line "I like it here" is a definite tribute to the 2012 film that is hard to go unnoticed when set against the same backdrop of misled youth gone awry. Unfortunately for Joseph, his first full length film is too light and never informs audiences of its real story. Is this supposed to be a Rocky of the EDM movement? Is it supposed to be another portrait of lost youth? Or is it meant to be just another movie about star crossed lovers set in the modern drug scene of dance music? The script is confused and the actors never have a chance to do anything worthwhile when challenged by an end of summer mess like this. And still, Efron's face cannot emote. 

"Well, okay! If you're offering!"
Most movies about music have to step up their game to make the live performances look realistic. This is just another department that We Are Your Friends fails in. When Efron is performing at a club, at a party, and at a massive summer event, he never looks like he's in control and never once does he seem like he knows what he's doing with the synths, controllers, mixers, and modules he's working with. It all looks like an act that takes viewers right out of the sweaty, alcohol infused experience of being in the scene. During times of Efron playing piano, his fingers aren't synchronized with what he's playing which makes the few studio moments appear stiff and uninspired. In a year with movies like Straight Outta Compton, We Are Your Friends is like the black eyed, red headed stepchild of the genre. 

If you're in love with Zac Efron and you want to look at Ratajkowski's stunning figure for a while, you'll enjoy this. But that's about all you get. This is a paper thin presentation of today's youth wrapped up in a pretty package of attractive actors and bad writing. Most true EDM fans will turn their noses up at this dim witted attempt to cash in on their musical love. If you're considering seeing this just know what you're walking into. I can't even count the amount of times I rolled my eyes during this flop.


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