Cult Reviews: I Spit Chew On Your Grave

We review the cult spoof, I Spit Chew On Your Grave.

There are some films that are so crude one can only ask who would make such a movie. Who would commit so much time to such vulgarity and bad taste? Such questions could easily be asked of I Spit Chew On Your Grave. Despite all that is wrong with this film, there is one element that is hard to avoid. It’s terribly funny. It can also be brought into question, who would laugh at a rape revenge parody film full of sick tasteless jokes. With a world that is increasingly becoming offended by every little thing, it’s easy to see how films like I Spit Chew can become a humorous retreat from the over sensitive monotony we’re forced to endure.

When redneck Leo DeChamp (Josh Suire) wins the lotto via a scratch off ticket, he attracts the attention of a female rape thrill gang named the Gash Nasties. The gang is lead by Gareth, the Goblin King. (Labyrinth parody, slight name change for obvious legality issues). Gareth is obsessed with raping the world, declaring “No hole is safe.” The Nasties lure Leo with a “3 girls 1 redneck” fantasy, but things turn ugly when the gang rapes Leo and steals his lotto ticket. Left for dead, Leo draws up a plan to get his lotto ticket back, and extract some old fashion hillbilly revenge and those that did him wrong. 

Directed by Chris Seaver, who’s other offerings include Close Encounters of the Inbred Redneck Kind, Taintlight, and Terror At Blood Fart Lake, I Spit Chew is on par with the like minded films produced by Troma Entertainment. The only thing lower than this film’s budget is the taste of its endless jokes. Perhaps the worst of all is the parody musical number, Rape Magic Rape, performed by the Goblin King with a musical choir of sock puppets. The film does incorporate (very well) a Kill Bill-style pre-fight montage, and makes great use of bad kung-fu film effects. Yet it is Leo DeChamp who is the star of this film. His character is so utterly ridiculous it’s nearly impossible to turn away. It’s more than the dialogue, it’s his body movements and mannerism. Despite all the bad acting, it’s hard not to laugh, even when the jokes are crude or in bad taste. This film nails the humor that is often lacking in big budget, middle budget, any kind of budget parodies. I Spit Chew has the laughs that the latter offerings of the Scary Movie franchise could only dream of. 

Seriously, If you really have nothing better to do, and you don’t want to think too hard (or at all!), I Spit Chew On Your Grave might be for you. If you don’t mind poor acting, cheap effects, and terrible wigs, you might enjoy this film. Above all, if your like crude and sarcastic humor, then look no further. In our current “offended by everything” existence, I Spit Chew is the perfect 58 minute, non-politically correct, who gives a damn escape from society.


- Lee Lind