TV News: Red TV Series For NBC

Looks like we're getting another movie turned into a tv show.

Just when we thought we had reached the limit of movie to tv transformations, NBC announces that it is bringing Red to its televised lineup. Despite a small amount of rumor circulation at the start of the 2014 summer season, NBC has gone ahead and decided to make a go of it. Obviously, the show will not feature one single member from the original cast. 

The original Red was a sleeper hit while the sequel turned out to be a verifiable box office dud, financially and critically. Summit, Lionsgate, and Di Bonaventura Pictures have teamed with original writers Erich and Jon Hoeber to try and bring the series to fruition. 

The TV show is said to be more grounded in a darker reality that will focus on the character's civilian lives while they do battle against the organization that kicked them out. Sounds interesting..... I guess. Not everything belongs on the small screen. Hopefully, they can right the wrongs of the sequel and turn this into a successful series. 


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