Reviews: Falling Skies - Season Five Episode Seven - Everybody Has Their Reasons

The final season of Falling Skies is quickly coming to an end. 

"See this book? It's just as disappointing
as this season."
After numerous ups and downs and a following that dwindled over the course of the last several years, the non-committal TNT series Falling Skies is down to the last few episodes. Is there any chance that they can redeem the show before it leaves the airwaves forever? After all, this show is not one of those that's ever been good enough to make a comeback years later. The adventures of Tom Mason and his miserable band of freedom fighters is about to make a dramatic exit three weeks from now. With a final season that's been a mishmash of highs and lows, episode seven still doesn't make the necessary movement to progress this show any further towards the execution of a proper finale.

While Everybody Has Their Reasons upped the ante in the tension department, it once again nixes the battle between man and alien for another poorly edited episode that spends way too much time focusing on things that have nothing to do with the real story arc of the show. From front to back, audiences were treated to a misaligned episode that concentrates heavily on the interaction between two separate factions of humans. What should have been spent on pitting the Mason clan against the Espheni for the final battle is instead turned into a 42 minute dud with no real rhyme or reason. Poorly edited sequences, sickeningly bad performances, and more plot points borrowed from other genre shows continue to bog this final season down with what is sure to be an unsatisfying conclusion. 

The long running symptoms of a show that can never make up its mind are warily on display as another can of worms is opened when it should be wrapping up. For some strange reason, these writers cannot follow through on one thought before moving on to stray story ideas that would have been better suited to season three or four. Instead, they're giving audiences exactly what they were fearful of: another dim witted ten episodes that will undoubtedly tarnish the melodramatic legacy of a show that started off strong and died with a resounding thud somewhere in season three. 

At this point, I'm just watching to watch. I have no more expectations for the conclusion of Falling Skies. While a couple episodes this season gave me the hope that just maybe it would end with the quality of the first two years, I'm now resigned to the fact that the creators of Falling Skies never had an end game in mind. Episode after episode, viewership continues to dwindle, characters are forgotten about, and plot lines are discarded like trash. But that's exactly what this show has turned out to be. Absolute trash. I'm now sorry I continued to watch. It really hasn't been worth it. 

And where the hell is crazy ass Pope? I'm so done.