TV: Deadwood Revival Finally In The Works At HBO?

Is HBO getting ready to bring back Deadwood?

It's easy to know that Deadwood fans were extremely disappointed with the short sighted cancellation of their favorite show. For years now, former viewers have discussed the possibility of a revival series or a movie that would give the characters a proper send off. Well, it's been confirmed by a former star of the show that HBO is once again in negotiations to continue the story of Deadwood.

There have been rumblings about this in the past, but HBO has confirmed that the revival is in the early stages of negotiations with show creator, David Milch. It's way too soon to know what direction they'll take with this. A theatrical release could definitely do Deadwood some justice, but I'm betting it'll either be a micro series on HBO or some type of extended film. Either way, this give fans a little hope that they might see their foul mouthed pals again.


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