TV News: Dr. Moreau Headed To Television

Moreau headed to CBS as a series? Whoa.

"We don't like this idea. Kill them."
The classic H.G. Wells story has been adapted numerous times for film. Well, now it looks like the tale of the mad scientist and genetic experimentation is coming to the small screen. The creator of the Sleepy Hollow show, Philip Iscove is hard at work developing a weekly series that will now center around a modernized female version of the classic character, Dr. Moreau.

Moreau was adapted for the screen in 1977 then again in 1996 by eccentric creative mastermind Richard Stanley. With medical themes that will still resonate, the ideas of modification and mutilation will definitely seem right at home with some of the darker shows that have been hitting cable lately. The show is said to air on CBS and will be science fiction mixed with action and drama.


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