TV: Prison Break Star To Come Back?

sarah wayne callies
Sarah Wayne Callies wants more Tancredi.

After being put through the ringer on both Prison Break and The Walking Dead, Sarah Wayne Callies is interested in a return to the short run event series that FOX has planned. After a misleading death on Prison Break and her poorly timed demise on that ever so popular zombie show, Callies has been in informal talks with the show runners to make a televised comeback as Scofield's law breaking love interest,  Dr. Sarah Tancredi.

While the wheels in my head keep trying to figure out how they're going to write their way around bringing dead main characters back and how on earth they plan on making another series of episodes about the brotherly pair breaking out of yet another prison, it might be cool to see this cast back together again. After a classic first season and subsequently horrible follow ups, the chances of a reprieve are thin. But with the right cast members coming back and a refreshed writing staff, there is always a snowball's chance in hell, right?


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