News: Prometheus 2 Filming Date Set

Prometheus 2 finally gets a shooting date. 

While we're still clamoring for Ridley Scott's upcoming The Martian, fans of his Alien work will be happy to know that the second Prometheus film is set to begin shooting in February 2016. Despite the mediocre box office take and the divided criticisms of the first Prometheus movie, audiences are still eager to see where he can go with this interconnected prequel series to the Alien franchise.

Scott has already said that Michael Fassbender will be returning as David alongside his outer space travel companion, Noomi Rapace. Despite the script not being fully completed, its rumored that the shoot may take place in Australia, where the Blade Runner sequel might also be filming. As excited as we are for another adventure with David and Shaw, it will be nice if Scott returns to his previous greatness and brings it home this time with a less confused plot and a more decisive delivery of story. While Prometheus wasn't terrible it needed some definite work in the writing department. 


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