TV News: Stephen King's The Mist Coming To TV

The criminally neglected, The Mist is coming to tv.

"Really?! No way."
We all know how studios like to turn properties into TV series lately. Well, it looks like Stephen King's The Mist is the next on the docket. Despite the cancellation of King's last adaptation, Under the Dome, Dimension Productions is readying a serialized version of the novella. Not really sure how they'll turn that small story into a full series, they'll need to expand they mythology of the universe into something akin to The Walking Dead. Human based dramas about fighting the evil outside the front door definitely seem to resonate with current audiences.

With the runaway successes of shows like Scream and numerous other movie to TV transitions, this could be a hit or miss type of show. If they can get a great cast and can maintain the dark tone of the film, this could be a surefire hit and another win for Mr. King.


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