Reviews: A Plague So Pleasant

A Plague So Pleasant: a new twist on the zombie genre or a complete dud?

"When I think about you
I cut myself. I cut myself."

We'll go with the latter. 

For a movie that's been hailed as the second coming of the zombie craze, it's blatantly apparent that someone either has some really good drugs or simply lacks any taste whatsoever. A Plague So Pleasant is a painfully dull, artistically vacant piece of digital home video footage that isn't worth its run time much less some of the good reviews its been getting. As a horror fan and a loyal follower of the flesh eating undead, it was hard to keep my eyes open during this self absorbed attempt at doing something different with the genre. I'll give them credit for at least trying but will equally call them out for turning in the most undesirable, low budget zombie flick I've ever seen. From awful audio to bad acting to needless color shifting and an unimpressive video style, this movie deserves a bullet to the head. 

If you're looking to infuse your holiday month with some zombie craziness, you really can't get much worse than this. There is nothing to like about the movie. There are no real scares. The humor is unfunny. And to keep piling it on, the plot sucks, there is no connectivity to the characters, and there's really no real motivation for the film other than trying to add this new "twist" to the sub-genre.  A Plague So Pleasant  is just scene after scene of an actor that couldn't act his way out of a paper bag much less keep me interested in his boring, local level attempt at being an indie movie star. 

Some horror tropes can be changed. Some can be forever altered through the imagination of a talented director. In the case of this boredom infused snoozefest, the person behind the movie has no idea what he's doing and lacks any control of cohesive storytelling while he offers his extremely limited audience a dumbed-down, horrendously bad adventure with the undead. In fact, a cup of warm milk is far more exciting than A Plague So Pleasant. With barely any gore and baseline costume shop makeup, this plague is a rookie mistake from front to back. This is a nightmarish laundry list of amateurish film making errors that couldn't be much worse. 

Does the fading zombie trend need some new blood? Sure. But this, my friends, is not it. Some reviews claim this will reinvigorate our expectations . It's a lie. I'll paint you an even clearer picture. Comparatively,  Fear The Walking Dead is far more exciting that this movie. If that doesn't give you an idea of how dreadful this is, I'm not sure what else to tell you. 

Epic. Fail.



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