TV News: Snyder Watchmen Series In Consideration For HBO

Snyder has met with HBO for a possible televised version of Watchmen.

"Yes! We like this idea."
The Watchmen movie was a definite tale of divisiveness among comic book fans. Some hated the movie's altered ending and others claim it's the best comic book film ever made. No matter what your opinion is, I think we can all agree on the importance of this Alan Moore property. Well fans, it looks like Zack Snyder is in the early stages of talks with HBO to bring the Watchmen to HBO as a series.

Little is known at this point. But it's said that this could either serve as an event type series that would be a prequel to the comic and movie. Or it might be a total reboot of the Watchmen saga, giving Snyder another shot to impress fans with a new take on the book. Either way, this is pretty exciting news for fans on each side of the fence. With HBO's penchant for quality programming and their commitment to large scale, high budget projects, Watchmen is right up their alley. 


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