Reviews: The Walking Dead - Season 6 Episode 7 - Heads Up

Can The Walking Dead get back on track?

On this week's episode of
Pass The Baby......
After three droning weeks of sheer boredom, The Walking Dead finally comes back to life with an episode high on inner circle drama and  decisive plot points we've been awaiting for several weeks. With much more attention to story detail and an episode that pushes towards the dramatic mid-season finale, Heads Up gives audiences exactly what they've been waiting for. At long last, we're seeing some momentum again as Rick gets back in the good graces of the remaining townsfolk of Alexandria while trouble continues to brew on the back burner between two teenage boys. What seemed like forever excitedly comes to a cliffhanger ending not unlike the best episodes of the series. 

The last few weeks have been very frustrating as the show seemed to be stilted by filler episodes and unneeded character development that did nothing to further the long game of The Walking Dead. I'll be the first to eat my words. My last few reviews have been extremely hard on the show. For that, I apologize. It's now quite apparent that the writing staff actually has some idea where they're going with this. With definite forward progress, a series of questions answered, and the group finally coming to some peace with each other, death is surely imminent. 

The character of Morgan continues to impress with a calculated mentality that makes him one of the best of the entire series. With a stewing Carol and a questionable Michonne lending credence to Morgan's thought process, The Walking Dead is once again adding those human elements that have always made the show interesting. Heads Up sets the next half season on the straight and narrow path that might be the most enthralling yet. 

To be honest, this was an unexpected turn for the series. During last week's episode, Always Accountable, it was hard to picture a way out of the mess the writer's had created. Heads Up stabilized the sinking ship of this season by featuring just enough zombies, some tension filled moments, a great interaction between Rick and Tara, the explanation we've been waiting for concerning a character that shall remain nameless, and a final scene that will set in motion a violent chain of events that will undoubtedly cause the demise of many characters and their safe haven.



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