Reviews: The Walking Dead - Season Six Episode Five - Now

Season six continues forth with episode five, Now. 

"Reading the Bible is so much more
exciting than this episode!"
This week's episode falls back into the same old trappings that have hindered this series from the start.

 Instead of pushing forward with any real momentum, our characters sit idle not doing anything other than talking through an episode that goes absolutely nowhere. With the future of a certain character hanging in the wind somewhere outside the walls of Alexandria, it seems that the hunt should be on, at least bringing some action into the fray. Yet, they choose to stay put, letting the future hang in the balance while the main enemy of the series hovers just outside the city walls posing an imminent threat. Just like every other season of The Walking Dead, as soon as the action starts, the writers take it down a notch and expect audiences to accept numerous boring episodes in a row. I hate to inform them. It just doesn't work. 

The beginning of season six seemed like they were going to continue the emotional rush that came near the end of season five. Up until episode four this year they kept us going. Now, two episodes in a row they've lingered around, one giving us back story for Morgan and the other not doing much at all. While we can see Rick's new relationship brewing into a real romance and the turmoil starting to boil over in Deanna's personality, Now begs audiences to slip back into soap opera type drama, abandoning the true intent of the show, while the writers take a break from offering audiences anything new. The lack of a strong antagonist is quickly wearing thin as the introduction of the Wolves has been drawn out far too long, giving us little to go on. 

Obviously, every episode can't be all brain bashing walker fun, but this latest episode was like watching a snail try to cross the finish line. The Walking Dead needs to find focus again. Audiences want more action, more zombies, and less of this sitting around waiting for something to happen. The show is about humans battling zombies and trying to avoid their own inevitable death. Audiences want guts, gore, strife, and mayhem. These last two weeks have turned the corner backwards into the same territory that people are constantly complaining about. The writing staff needs to listen to the viewership and they need to calculate a plan to keep this show consistently moving forward at a faster pace that keeps the main characters either moving ahead or doing something to improve their situation. 

Of season six, Now has been the weakest episode. Hopefully they gear it back up for the last couple episodes before the mid-season break. We need answers, we need more blood spatter, and we need some frenetic action before ADHD steps in and steals more viewers. It's about time they introduce that new villain they keep talking about. 



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