News: Twin Peaks Delayed

The ever changing release schedule for the Twin Peaks revival is officially pushed back. 

Nothing about this return to Twin Peaks has been easy. From the onset there has been one delay after another. Well, tonight word has come down that the release has officially been pushed back to 2017. There were rumors that this might happen around the time that Amanda Seyfried joined the cast. Is this surprising? No. A little disappointing? Yes. After Lynch left the project due to dramatics with Showtime, it was said that the show would begin its run in 2016. 

According to Variety, Leslie Moonves stated that the delay was to help with the launch of Showtime's new broadband service. As long as the show actually moves forth, fans will still be happy but this has been a long series of ups and downs since the inception of this idea. Hopefully, they get the ball rolling and this thing actually hits screens in the new 2017 slot.


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