Reviews: The Walking Dead - Season Six Episode Six - Always Accountable

Season six continues to deliver the duds. 

"Dude. I really need a shower."
The problematic season six continues with another one off, multiple character study that drags this latest episode through the dregs of non-committal writing and more story points that audiences really don't care to see. 

For a season that kicked off so strongly, the last three weeks have been an arduous task that at best gave us a little more time with fan favorite, Daryl. Audiences have always complained about these types of episodes on The Walking Dead and it only continues to get worse as the writers don't seem to be listening to the people that follow their work week to week. Building towards the mid-season finale, Always Accountable was just another nearly pointless episode that rests solely on the greasy, bloodied Daryl Dixon proving that he's always a good guy while he struggles to locate his friends. 

When season six kicked off, it seemed like focus was back and that we'd finally be free of these off kilter roaming episodes that steal focus from the continued plot of the series. Sadly for those of us that are sticking by through thick and thin, we keep getting the short end of the stick as nothing ever really changes about this show. While we should be seeing a dramatic shift towards moving this season's story along, the writers have soaked up three long weeks with a contemplative background story about Morgan, a short sighted Maggie and Aaron adventure, and this latest week's unbalanced shift between Daryl and the team up of Sasha and Abraham. What's going on here? This show used to be exciting!!!

No. Not everything can be constant action. And yes, we need a developing story arc. But it seems like this show has a real problem on its hands. Audiences hate these episodes. They do very little to enhance the world of The Walking Dead and they're becoming tedious and slightly repetitive. We know it's dangerous out there. We know that the human enemies are just as dangerous as the walkers. How many times do we need to be hit over the head with the same exact shots of mysterious humans talking as the camera focuses on their legs? This continued non-progress of the show is causing it to unravel. It's time to pick up the pace and get us back to where we were at the end of season five and the beginning of season six. If they don't have enough material to fill out 16 episodes a season, maybe it's time to cut it back to 10 or 12. Or maybe it's time to start considering an end game for the show. 



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