News: Rambo 5 Shelved. New Blood Heads To TV

It looks like Rambo is gonna sling explosive arrows on television.

After sitting in development hell for the past few years, the latest in the Rambo film series has been put on indefinite hold. In the place of the long promised Last Blood is a televised series that is tentatively titled Rambo: New Blood. With the current uptrend in franchise type television, a new version of the famed character might sit perfectly among shows like The Walking Dead, the upcoming Preacher, and numerous other highly volatile weekly series.

Apparently, Die Hard scribe Jeb Stuart is one of the creative heads behind this new incarnation of the Rambo character. Stallone, Millenium Films and eOne are also connected to the small screen revival of the series. With the right people behind the show, this could be the right time to finally make the jump to television.

With much talk about a possible Oscar nomination for Stallone's return as Rocky Balboa and the hype engine still revving over his performance in Creed, funding will definitely not be a problem as Sly is once again a hot commodity in Hollywood.

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