Netflix Now: The Ridiculous 6

Is The Ridiculous 6 the second coming of the western comedy? Huh. What a stupid question.

adam sandler
"Netflix agreed to three more movies! My
evil plan is coming to fruition!"
Let’s pretend, for a moment, that film fans don’t hate Adam Sandler these days.  Whether their reasons for doing so are legitimate or not, who cares.  Let’s just stop and take a nice, objective and honest look at Sandler and Happy Madison’s newest offering – the Netflix Original film, The Ridiculous 6.  Unfortunately for Sandler, and those that still champion his particular brand of intentionally dumb comedy, The Ridiculous 6 does little besides arm film fans with more reasons to believe he is on a one-man mission to destroy comedy forever.

If it’s unclear from the title, The Ridiculous 6 is Happy Madison and director Frank Coraci, of Wedding Singer fame and Blended infamy, attempting to create a parody of classic westerns like The Magnificent Seven.  The Magnificent Seven gave moviegoers a “who’s who” of 1960’s cinema and some of the greatest team building scenes in the history of movies.  The Ridiculous 6, on the other hand, collects a handful of today’s best comedians and straps them to the cement shoes of Sandler and his SNL cohorts who have long since passed their comedic prime.  Although, admittedly, most of the performances in this near-travesty are, frankly, fine.  Nobody, except Sandler and his role as the world’s least believable action star, really seems to phone it in.  Even Taylor Lautner gives a pretty committed performance with his best “Simple Jack” impersonation.  Now, it’s not funny nor clever, so don’t take that as praise – but he certainly gave it a shot.  The remaining members of the titular band of outlaws, Terry Crews, Rob Schneider, Jorge Garcia, and Luke Wilson fumble through the movie’s dumb dialogue and script with at least some degree of aplomb. 

adam sandler
"This character was funny when Stiller
did it, right guys?"
Which brings us to the film’s true stumbling block – it’s just not funny.  It’s almost entirely devoid of worthwhile dialogue or gags.  Not unlike Seth MacFarlane’s take on the Old West, A Million Ways to Die in the West, The Ridiculous 6 is just plain dumb.  Excuse the spoiler for a moment, but a donkey with explosive diarrhea is a repeated plot device and source of a theoretical laugh.  It’s honestly downright offensive as a joke in a comedy clearly written for adults.  Most frustrating for this viewer, was the sheer number of callbacks to dumb jokes throughout the film.  If it wasn’t funny the first time, what makes you think we want to hear it again?  Sandler has made some laugh-out-loud funny movies in his career – this is not one of them.  Apart from a few cracked smiles and maybe a snort of derision, The Ridiculous 6 had no real impact.

There’s something fundamentally wrong with this and other recent films of its ilk.  Satire and parody worked in the ‘80s, perhaps because it was aware of its own absurdity and, at times, stupidity.  Movies like The Ridiculous 6 and Pixels don’t seem to realize that they are stupid.  Arguably, they think their audience is stupid instead, and believe that they can get away with their tasteless and humorless gags again and again.  I watched this movie so you don’t have to.  Sure, it’s free with your Netflix subscription, but avoid it, please, so that Netflix, and maybe the rest of Hollywood, will stop giving these guys money to make movies.


-Patrick B. McDonald

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