Cinematic Releases: He Never Died

He Never Died, starring Henry Rollins is currently in limited release and on streaming services.

henry rollins
You wanna know why?
Cause I'm a liar.

He Never Died is an original story based on the horrific and vengeful tales from the bible. Don't worry this isn't a preachy movie. Nor is it a feel good one either. It falls somewhere along the lines of a supernatural dark comedy. Think the wrath of God mixed with a sense of humor. 

Writer/Director John Crawczky wrote the script with Henry Rollins in mind. He was the only man offered the job. For those familiar with Henry Rollins’ personality, humor, and world views, the character Jack is very much the essence of the musician/ author/ actor. The man certainly has the uncanny ability to reinvent himself. It's a unique fact that plays well with his portrayal in the film. While the majority of his performances have been supportive roles and part time gigs, he holds his own as the lead. He also puts most men half his age to shame. The guy is a beast.   

The film itself is gritty. The story is immediate, as viewers are thrust into one of the most original stories to hit the screen in some time. The subject matter makes for several dark moments, but the presentation could easily be interpreted as comedy. It all depends on how dark your sense of humor is. If you’re already a fan of Rollins, chances are you’ll get the jokes. The film does have its gory moments, with a few shocking developments that add to the mystery of Jack. Rollins plays Jack’s detached bluntness to perfection, while both Jordan Todosey and Kate Greenhouse provide near opposite personalities that help create a film that isn't too one sided. They also provide a voice of disbelief, that ultimately provokes questions to be answers. Yet, when one conflict resolves, another arises to take its place. This holds true to the story. He Never Died is just a fraction of a gigantic event. 

henry rollins
Damn it. Caught red handed again.
The film makes great use of the soundtrack, giving scenes an added edge. It works right from the opening track, and it’s one of those films where music and it’s placement is just as important to defining a scene as the performance and script. The first half of the film is non-stop in development. Once questions get answered, the story moves at a slower pace as the plot develops. There are several mysteries that are left unsolved, but it works in the story’s favor. It's like scratching the surface of a much bigger picture. Crawczky wrote the script with a TV series in mind. Rollins is already enthusiastically on board, and the two have been pitching to several networks, using the film as the pilot. Crawczky also has one season worth of material already written. While gritty and alternate interpretations of the bible were one considered blasphemous, He Never Died could easily fit in with the likes of Amazon’s Hand of God and AMC’s forthcoming series Preacher. They are all dark and vengeful tales that all share the same source. John Crawczky’s film is an original tale with biblical roots, and serves as a reminder that even the holiest of books is full of all terrors imaginable. 


Lee L. Lind