The Future of Gaming Is Now

The future is now........

Over the last few years, internet based gaming has taken the world by storm. From online multiplayer to apps to online casino games, the world has changed to advanced methods of gaming that keeps people consistently glued to their screens, big or small. At a young age, video games had just begun to take a firm hold on the television sets and family rooms across the world. With the advent of the first gaming platforms, the world was changed forever in the blink of an eye.

Now, as social media continues to grapple the youth and their wide eyed, technologically savvy parents, every game under the sun is at our fingertips day and night, with an endless array of different formats. Classic games can be accessed through cell phones. High quality graphics can be experienced on tablets. The next generation systems continue to push the envelope of audio and visuals while players can challenge people across the world to their favorite games. And variable websites like bring the casino experience in to the home like never before.

While this is all a new world for the users of all these different gaming interfaces, it’s easy to see that we haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg. Daily, we hear about new technologies that will continue to change our gaming habits while also giving us new ways to interact with one another on the internet and gaming forums. With the constant advancement of newer touchscreen tech and faster, more dedicated broadband speeds, it’s almost amazing to think about where we may be ten years from now. The children of today may be distracted by too much screen time but it’s a revelatory era that will truly continue defining new ways to play and alternative methods for finding newer, more amazing games that will broaden the spectrum of where gaming is headed.

Thinking back to the days of the original Oregon Trail, the first months of Pac-Man, Star Wars The Arcade Game, the origination of the home computer, the first Apple, and the days of playing Galaga in the local restaurant with my dad, it’s simply astonishing that the digital age has brought us so many advancements over such a short period of time. Luckily for each and every one of us, this has opened the floodgates to an enormous selection of quality entertainment that’s fueled by the creativity of game designers and an audience that is always looking for something new to play. It’s nice to know we live in a time that will continue to amaze.