Reviews: The X-Files (2016) Episode 2 - Founder's Mutation

The X-Files relaunch continues with Founder's Mutation, a great second chapter. 

mulder and scully
Mulder. This is a human brain.
This is a human brain on The X-Files.
See this gross one? That's the
human brain on Californication. 
Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny slip into the roles that kick started their careers as television stars. Already, in Founder's Mutation, their chemistry is back where it began as this upgraded version of the The X-Files fits them each like a glove. The obvious increase in budget and sharper writing than last night's opening episode sets them rightfully where they belong, fighting against a hidden enemy that has evil intentions.

The new season kick off continues to build on the establishment of a new X-Files conspiracy as Mulder and Scully get more acclimated to a more modern version of the show and a more technologically advanced world. As Chris Carter bravely abandons most of his established mythology, episode two is a better, more even keeled bit of story that assists in respecting the X-Files legacy while taking audiences in a fresh direction. With the return of a long time foe and the support players in place, this six part arc is off to a rousing start that puts our two favorite characters back in harm's way as a brand new, present day story gets the Carter and crew treatment. 

Having to set aside one glaring plot hole in Mulder's rapidly depleting memory of the actual alien events he uncovered and experienced, these first couple hours blatantly abandon his belief in extraterrestrials in exchange for a more realistic, conspired plot designed by humans. Some fans may take issue with this as it rewrites some of the show's history too neatly. Others will take joy in the fact that we're finally moving away from a decade long plot that inhabited the show and the first film. 

In the second episode, written by James Wong, Mulder and Scully are thrown back into a story that relies heavily on recreating the episodic, monster of the week style that defined many of the earlier episodes of the original show. Intelligently handled, Wong throws us a curve ball that ties right back to last night's premiere. Never one to show his hand too early, this new X saga will not be wrapped up in this short run series. From what we've seen so far, it's becoming obvious that this new threat will be the new long game for our favorite FBI agents. 

With Skinner back in place as their crabby but supportive boss and unknown forces in collusion around them, The X-Files is back in perfect form. Someone call special agent Doggett and tell him he's not needed this time. 

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