News: Rebooted Battlestar Moving Forward

The latest BSG reboot is back on. 

I hate this idea.
Now, let's get down
to sexy time. 
In a case of WTF? are they thinking, that rumored Battlestar Galactica movie is moving forward once again. A couple years back, the internet was in a frenzy at the prospect of another rendition of the BSG story. Then, the idea went into genre hibernation. Well, apparently the project is not dead. We're not sure why because nothing will ever match up to the series that some say is the best science fiction show in the history of televised programming. 

Supposedly, Michael De Luca, Scott Stuber and Dylan Clark have all climbed aboard the project in the hopes of revitalizing it for Universal Pictures. It's reported that Bryan Singer is also still attached in some capacity as an executive producer. With the successes of the latest Star Wars movie and the spin offs on they way, it's said that they're planning on making this an "event" type series. 

There is no scheduled release date at this time. Don't be surprised if this thing gets killed somewhere in the developmental stages. 


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