News: Cannon Films Is Back!!!!

Dudes and girls. Take a step back. Cannon Films is supposedly returning to make more movies. 

cannon films
Rumors are beginning to swirl that Cannon is about to do the impossible. No, not break out of a Vietnamese prison camp. No, it's not going to arm wrestle. And no, it's not going to sword fight some dude in a bad Skeletor mask. 

After a long hiatus which kept cheesy action in the dark for years now, Cannon Films is apparently making a comeback. This is unbelievable news! With two recent documentaries about the legendary production house that turned the '80s into a marvelous spectacle of low budget action movies starring Chuck Norris, Sly Stallone, Charles Bronson, Dolph Lundgren and many many more, Cannon is making a comeback in 2016 with new owner Richard Albiston at the helm. He purchased the name brand from former head, Menahem Golan back in 2014.

Fans of exploitive action and huge explosions are going to flip their lids when they also see the announcement that many of their franchises are also making a return to cinemas (or VOD). Return of the Delta Force, American Ninja Apprentice, and Zombi: They Live are all on the docket for scheduled production. Considering how many times we've watched Electric Boogaloo, this is truly amazing news. Whether or not any of this dream comes true still remains to be seen, but we are super hyped about this news!!!

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