News: McFarlane Completes Spawn Reboot Script

A Spawn reboot you say? Hold your horses. 

Reboot me. 
Spawn has always been an extremely popular character. Shrouded in a darker world than most comic book movies, the original film (despite some support by fans) was a financial disaster. During the period it was released in, comic book films were not the hot trend like they are now. Most flopped hard while studios continued to push the premise that the comic genre would one day be a massive thing that fans would flock to no matter what the property.

Well, Todd McFarlane is back and he's written a new script to try and reboot the Spawn cinematic franchise. Apparently, he's in the final stages of editing the 183 page script down to 140 to bring it closer to industry standards. While no studio is attached to the project yet, it's hard to imagine that Spawn wouldn't sit right at home with his comic book brethren in an era of harder edged, more eclectic tastes in these types of movies. 

With Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool being major box office hits, any studio would be a fool to not pick this thing up and run with it. Considering the advancement in special effects and 3d technology, Spawn could once again be the next greatest thing. 


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