News: The Mist Headed To Spike

It seems like we've reported on this before, but The Mist is finally heading to tv.

Nothing is sacred from an inevitable reboot or television relaunch. 

With that said, Stephen King properties are really heating up again. With a new version of IT headed to cinemas and numerous other King stories in varying media development, it's been officially announced that Stephen King's The Mist is finally ordered for a run on Spike. The movie version of the King novella has slowly turned into a cult classic although it really didn't do much at the box office. With one of the most dreary conclusions of all time, this will be an interesting new interpretation that will fit right at home on the small screen with other televised properties like The Walking Dead remaining massive hits. 

The show will supposedly take inspiration from the Frank Darabont film and will adapt and obviously add much more to the mythology of the story. Dimension Films and Spike TV are teaming up for the production in hopes that they might have "a compelling series unlike anything else on television". 


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