Reviews: The X-Files - Episode 6 - My Struggle II

The long awaited X-Files resurgence comes full circle tonight with its concluding episode. 

Dang girl, I'm glad you brought protection. 
So, it's over for now? What comes next? Will Gillian be back?  Will we get a Hank Moody/Fox Mulder evil twin episode ever? Will we ever get a proper sex scene between Mulder and Scully? Will Special Agent Doggett ever come back? And will someone get me a god damned cigarette already? 

Without spoiling anything, it became suddenly apparent during this finale that Chris Carter undoubtedly plans on continuing forward with more episodes. And after making us wait around for half of the limited run, they finally get back to the story at hand by cramming in as much as possible into an excellently devised scenario that should have been fueled by more build up and better writing over the course of the six entries.  Focusing on the cover ups, conspiracies, and alien back stories that have always been the fun parts of the show, My Struggle II throws as much as it can at the screen with not enough time and very little explanation. Out of nowhere, the world is falling to pieces as Scully and Einstein try to figure out a scientific fix within hours so they can save the entire population of the planet? Huh? 

Trying to fall in love with The X-Files again has been tough. While they toyed with monster of the week episodes, the introduction of two new (slightly entertaining but annoying) agents, and small glimpses of old foes, this little series failed more than it succeeded. Whether it can be fixed remains to be seen as Carter really needs to stick all his eggs in one basket and fix all the ones he broke this time around. Was it all bad? Hell no. But, some of the magic was definitely lost with ridiculously bad acting, loose plot points, and a meandering mid-section that did nothing to expedite the Alex Jones inspired theme of this six parter. 

Let's play alien doctor? I'll get the
rectal probe. 
In a case of too little too late, this guy is strangely disappointed with the way the whole thing turned out. It's nice to know the universe of The X-Files still exists. However, it would great to see more emphasis on completing the mystery that's now unfolding. I know, the original show always did this. They'd skip around and return to the mythos bits later on. Chris Carter seemed to take it for granted that it would still work this way. Unfortunately for him, television is a different animal now. People want to binge watch and they really want a consistency in their favorite shows. Again, I'm sure I'll get bashed for this. But, this "event series" was hugely flawed with future episodes requiring more time developing scripts that don't pander its starving audience. 

We'd take The X-Files in almost any format, any night of the week. But please, don't try to mash everything into a single episode. We, as loyal fans, deserve much more than that. And will someone please punch Einstein in the face?

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