Reviews: The X-Files - Episode 5 - Babylon

We just experienced number 5 of 6, and it's all downhill from here. 

If Hank Moody were here, we wouldn't
only be holding hands. 
At this point, it's hard to say what my personal expectations from this revisit were. In high hopes, it would have been more of the old mixed with a lot of new and a more dedicated storyline that would have followed up the first two episodes with one continued arc. 

Considering the first two weeks were so verifiably connected to each other, it's just strange that they've gone off on a different tangent with each continuous chapter, not really following through on the brand spanking new conspiracy that they just introduced to us all. In retrospect, I think it's just hard to see the The X-Files living in the same realm as so many modern shows that stick to one hard set plot for one entire season. Something is amiss with the way they rolled this event series out. It's hard to say that I don't like it but it's hard to say I'm in love with it either.

From rumors that they're going to make a spinoff series starring these new agents to the talk that Anderson doesn't really want to return full time to the character of Scully, this episode 5 doesn't point the show in either direction. Taking a page from modern affairs and the terrorism that's sweeping the globe, the idea was fully intact but was haphazardly ruined by misplaced music and some of the worst CGI ever seen on TV. That opening sequence was a horrible looking render job that looked like it was straight out of a '90s cut scene from a video game. And the weirdly placed soundtrack was just another hinderance to a six part series that is faulted in dozens of ways. With barely any Skinner, no mention of our main baddie in several weeks, and a LOT of self deprecating humor, this new X-Files feels too satirical at times. 

Again, this guy is probably in the small few that are going to complain about where they went with this thing. And I still have hope that there might be a stronger, better resurgence to come. But, this version of the X-Files doesn't live up to what it could have been. Sure, Babylon was a better episode than last week's and the fire is still obviously burning for us fans. However, Carter needs to do a much better job writing the next batch of episodes (if there are any) with a more narrow scope in mind. When you only have a limited run, you should make the best use of time and your talent. Yes, I can enjoy the fact that Mulder and Scully are on screen together again. But, I cannot accept a lower form of this show than what we've been given in the past. And that's exactly what's happened. This X-Files is just not for me. 

I don't want to believe anymore. 

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