Short Film: Mary Says Goodnight

The Movie Sleuth breaks from its normal routine for a review of short film, Mary Says Goodnight

We were recently given the short, eight minute film, Mary Says Goodnight for review. The film is a black and white artistic piece that rests on a solid, confession like narrative by the lead character, Mary played by the stunning Shannon Kiely. 

With a moody, string laced score and an obvious depressing but mysterious plot that mixes ideas of a hidden malevolent force with themes of mental illness, suicide and chemical dependency, this is an artsy little short by Boston Pictures that shows their method of substance over style. Using creepy, ethereal music with slow paced camera work and shades of psychological horror, Mary Says Goodnight is captivating enough to make us want to see more....of what's going on and the girl that plays the lead. 

The black and white film is currently available on Youtube for immediate viewing. Although the movie doesn't do much that we haven't seen before, the music has that classic horror feel  and the star's obvious talent at creating an emotional voice over is rather tangible. With some skillful camerawork, a throwback style, and an unexplained context or backstory, we can expect far greater things from these film makers. Most likely shot on DSLR, Mary Says Goodnight maintains a high quality look while contributing one of the better shorts we've been asked to review. 

With such a short run time, it's hard to say much more. But, if you're a fan of obscure short films produced by companies with an artistic edge, take a chance on this one. It's only 8 minutes. What do you have to lose? Mary Says Goodnight feels like it could exist in the same sub-genre as It Follows and that's not a bad thing.