Reviews: Alienated

Scott reviews the indie sci fi flick, Alienated. 

Alienated is one of the most aptly titled movies I have ever seen.

I’ll admit though, after about the first 15 minutes of the film, I was starting to get worried.  It seemed like it was already falling flat to me.  I am truly happy, I stuck with this film though.
There is so much that is rewarding about getting through a film of this pace and caliber.  The idea is unique and I think it was portrayed brilliantly with the skeleton crew cast of George Katt (Nate), Jen Burry (Paige), & the late Taylor Negron (Griffin).

I felt as if I was radiating off of this movie as I was watching it.  I have not felt this way about a film in a very long time.Alienated keeps you on edge during its entire eighty-one minute running time.  You are always wondering “When is all hell gonna break loose?”, but in the head space of the film, it is breaking loose the entire time.

Alienated is a love story.  It's about two people in emotional turmoil with each other.  I have personally never been a fan of the love story, but a few have slipped by such as The Abyss, which really was just a love story under water with really cool submarines and special effects.  That is how Alienated hooked me also.  There are very interesting events hovering around our two primary characters (Nate & Paige) that is causing this ‘turmoil’ I mentioned previously.

What's a little alien like you doing with
big alien smut like this?
Alienated is all about the dialogue though.  That is the main engine of the film; two people in heated discussion and debate about their feelings.  This is a film you really need to pay attention to.  Every word is important to the story.  I found myself really questioning the meaning behind Nate’s words in the heat of battle with Paige and put myself in that situation, not only to identify, but also because I have been there myself.  I like Nate, have put my passions out to another only to have them brushed off like mosquitoes on your legs around a bonfire.

The late Taylor Negron’s character, Griffin, is the truth bringer to the situation at hand, and is the catalyst for how events unfold in Alienated.  Griffin is the perfect example of ‘less is more’ when it comes to the impact a background character can have on the plot of a story.

Alienated is a fantastic slow burner that I highly recommend.

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-Scott W. Lambert