B Movie Horror: Bangin' Vengeance (2015)

Who doesn't like boobs? No one. 

Bangin' Vengeance is trying to tap into the "so bad it's good" market but it falls squarely into the "so bad it's actually bad" camp. As a lover of campy B movies and horror flicks this should definitely be in my wheelhouse, but it's just so poorly made that it makes it a tedious chore to sit through. It's unfortunate because the concept of the film is pretty funny and could have been a blast if done correctly.

It's a horror film about an aspiring actress named Amber Rain (Paula Burrows) who gets a boob job to increase her chances of landing a film role. Her new sweater puppies gain sentience and start telling her to murder people. As in her jugs talk to her, (the left and the right one having different personalities) and she goes on a killing spree. This concept sounds hysterical on paper, but the execution is so horrible that it makes the film unwatchable. You can tell that the director, Richard Mogg, has a love for direct-to-video horror films and I can sort of see the aesthetic he is going for. The films are the lowest of the low budget though and it looks very amateurish.

The camera used for Bangin' Vengeance is incredibly cheap and low-quality looking and for whatever reason Mogg decided to put a "vintage scratched film stock" filter over the entire film. It is incredibly distracting and adds nothing to the atmosphere since the actual film looks modern. The soundtrack is awful too--repetitive and annoying. Also, the whole film has bad ADR over the dialogue so that it sounds like a dubbed kung-fu film or spaghetti western. Most of the acting is bad as well, but not in a funny or amusing way. There is a lot of implied sex which might draw in a few viewers, but for a movie about self-aware murderous dairy pillows there is a serious dearth of actual naked breasts. Give your audience what they want!

This film is supported by the Dairy Association of Low Budget Film Makers. 

There is a way to pay homage to awful cheap horror flicks without making an unwatchable film. Astron 6 did a great job with this concept with their extremely low-budget horror/sci-fi film Manborg (2011). The difference between these two films is that Astron 6 understands what makes a B movie enjoyable to watch and they are cognizant of the tropes of the genre. You can tell they know the film is bad and they are making fun of those kinds of movies. Bangin' Vengeance isn't tongue-in-cheek enough to occupy this sub-genre of horror.  As it stands now, I cannot recommend this film.

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-Michelle Kisner