News: Heathers TV Show Back On

Once again, the movie to television trend rears its ugly head. 

Way back in 2013, there was a rumor stirring that a Heathers tv show was in development and that Ms. Ryder herself would play some role on the series. After months of talk and behind the scenes dealings, the idea died a quick death before ever being turned into an actual series. Well, tides have turned once again and the dark comedy Heathers is once again back on as new series on TV Land. 

Apparently the show will be some type of anthological series that's centered on Veronica Sawyer dealing with a whole new twisted group of Heathers. This will be the first anthology series for TV Land and will be the first time we've revisited this character since the initial film's release despite numerous attempts to either reboot, remake, or relaunch this much unneeded continuation. 

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