Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Detroit Cast and Crew Premiere

We were invited to attend the BvS cast and crew premiere at the Royal Oak Emagine Theater. Here's a few goofy shots. 

Last night a few of us attended the killer BvS premiere type gala at the Emagine in Royal Oak, Mi..
The event was coordinated for cast and crew from the local Detroit area to finally see the epic battle between bat and man of Krypton. It was an interesting night loaded with laughs, popcorn, destruction, and the ultimate comic book showdown we've all been waiting decades for. Despite some fanboy backlash and the divisive reviews, those of us from that attended from the Sleuth had a really great time seeing the movie and people watching. Check out just a few random pictures we got at the show. 

(click images to enlarge)

Thanks to Anthony Stark (ahem) for the kick ass, dead center seating.
We got to watch this flick in premium recliner style, Batarang in hand. 

The honorable J.G. Barnes lift strong like Superman.

Folks beginning to arrive at the event. Some were fully dressed to 
the nines and some were more casual. 

Michelle digs the pseudo-Bat. Like the way she's stroking his chest?

Dude! You're not the real Batman, are you?
I'm not convinced.

Tons of goodies, giveaways, and things loaded with Kryptonite.
You can never be prepared enough for kicking the crap out of Superman. 

Like these three. Totally casual. Psst. That's not really Superman. 

Connor George, the 13 year old vice president and CEO of The Movie Sleuth was
ecstatic to be there.

Killer ride, bro. Can I jump in through the window?

Catch Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in theaters now.